AAA Quality Fake Breitling’s New Superocean Heritage ‘57 Is the Definitive “Surfing Watch”

For a brand most associated with aviation, Breitling replica also offers some outstanding watches designed for what could be considered the polar opposite of that pursuit: diving. The brand’s now-legendary SuperOcean debuted in 1957, designed for the needs of professional and military divers and meant to compete directly with Rolex’s Submariner, which had been released three years prior. Breitling’s latest offering is the bronze dials replica Breitling Superocean Heritage ‘57 Outerknown, a collaboration between the Swiss watchmaker and Outerknown, the eco-conscious lifestyle brand cofounded by legendary surfer Kelly Slater.

The standard cheap copy Breitling Superocean Heritage ‘57, introduced by Breitling earlier this year, was already a killer watch. A tasteful throwback to the very first SuperOcean, the Heritage ‘57 featured a signature concave bidirectional bezel, now in ceramic, and updated versions of the hot-rod inspired “Christmas tree” hands and “oven dial” hour markers at 3, 6, 9 and 12. It’s housed in a nicely proportioned 38mm case with extremely thin lugs, while that ever-so-fun to twist-knurled saucer-like bezel protrudes out to a just less than overpowering 42mm. Nothing about it is too busy or cluttered, and unlike many heritage inspired watches from competing brands, it looks exactly like a vintage style timepiece should. From the get-go, Breitling aimed to associate the Heritage ‘57 with the surf culture of the late ’50s and early ’60s in Hawaii and Southern California, and the word “Diver” is nary to be found in any of the official marketing materials. By partnering with Slater and the team at Outerknown, the watch receives a serious dose of surfing credibility, along with some tasteful visual updates.
The Swiss made replica Breitling Superocean Heritage ‘57 Outerknown is available in two guises, one in all stainless steel with matching accents, and a more luxe version limited to just 500 pieces, which features an 18k red gold outer bezel with similarly colored accents in the hands, hour markers and bezel hashes. Both models feature a handsome bronze dial which comes alive in the summer sun, and as part of the commitment of both Outerknown and Breitling to cleaner oceans, the brown NATO strap is made of Outerknown’s trademarked ECONYL, a material partially repurposed from abandoned fishing nets that would otherwise pose a threat to aquatic life.

Priced at $4,380 in stainless steel or $5,225 in the limited edition red gold, the Breitling Superocean Heritage 57 Outerknown nails a very coveted aesthetic. Like those Pinterest favorite images of surfracks atop weathered old Rolls Royces or 911 Targas, these watches proclaim “I may no longer be a beach bum, but that doesn’t mean the spirit isn’t still in me.”

Put a smile on someone’s (perfect Breitling replica watch) dial this Christmas

Who wouldn’t like to find a replica timepiece nestling under the tree this Christmas, bringing the kind of delight to put the usual appliance, gadget, cookbook or decorative item to shame? If it’s something that ticks … well, ticks the box for you, there’s quite a choice.

A Swatch might do it, but something from the top of the alphabet – an Audemars Piguet, Bulgari, Chanel or Cartier (the posties’ favourite) – would undeniably make the occasion memorable.

Just in time for festivities, best quality replica Breitling has come up with a winning range it describes as “dedicated to women – embodying flair, confidence, and an active lifestyle”.

All that from a watch!
I think they mean The Chronomat 36 and 32 collection is unusually versatile, a day-to-day piece that manages to look special at the same time, which it indeed does. Or as Breitling puts it, “Sporty yet elegant, this modern-retro-inspired watch easily takes its wearer from business meeting to the beach – and everywhere in between. It symbolises competence and effortless style.”

There’s certainly style, with unusually alluring dials and diamonds on demand.

The Breitling Chronomat fake for women is perfectly sized at 32mm and 36mm, in steel, gold or a combination. The larger houses a chronometer-rated self-winding movement and the smaller, a quartz calibre. Water resistance is 100 metres, something Breitling suggests “swimmers, surfers, divers, and even bathtub mermaids will appreciate”.

Be that as it may, with more than a dozen versions and prices from $5390 to $36,990, this might be the gift to splash out on.
In return, ladies, you could reward the man in your life with lightweight black dial copy Breitling Professional Endurance Pro, which comes in Christmassy colours at a not-too-punishing $4490.

Want to spend more? There isn’t a chap who doesn’t covet an IWC – be it a Portugieser or pilot’s watch, and the Top Gun Edition “SFTI” (Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor) is undoubtedly a gun option at $14,200.

Want to spend less? Longines’ handsome new Spirit – even the name fits the occasion – is one of this year’s bargains, yours from $3200.


There Are Only 50 Of Best Fake Breitling’s New (And Damn Good Looking) Chronograph Available In The US

If you think Swiss made Breitling replica, chances are you think chronograph. The veteran company has a string of illustrious time writers—the literal meaning of the word “chronograph”—amongst its greatest hits since 1884, when these instruments were already being used to time sports events and figure out the vagaries of motoring at 11 mph at the dawn of the automotive age. Functioning as analog computers, with a little know-how, chronographs could do way more nifty calculations than we now give them credit for (or ever use).

White Dial Fake Breitling Special Edition Premier B01 Chronograph Watch

The perfect fake Breitling Special Edition Premier B01 Chronograph here just went up for pre-order in limited numbers (100 in the UK, 50 in the USA) with Watches of Switzerland, as well as Mayors. The Premier dates back to the 1940s, but it doesn’t look it. The original styles managed to cram a heap of useful information, including two or three subdials and a tachymeter scale, into a case just 35mm across.

Fake Breitling Special Edition Premier B01 Chronograph Watch For Men

Something of the clean flavor of their innovative design language lives on in the much bigger 42mm case. The blue accent “panda dials” and chapter ring give a bright modern touch, matched with a blue alligator strap, while the silver dial adds a further sense of luxury. The watch is a certified chronometer, which means it has been independently verified to a greater degree of accuracy than regular chronographs watches by COSC, aka the Contrôle Officielle Suisse des Chronomètres.

Abandoned Breitling Spatiographe Montbrillant Replica Watch For Men

We won’t travel far into the past for today’s #TBT. The cheap fake Breitling Spatiographe Montbrillant lived quite a short life between 1997-2002 and it holds a very special place in my collection. It sits as the lonely wolf among numerous pre-1980s watches and a decent bunch of modern timepieces. What an undervalued watch!

Looking back, it does not necessarily mean we have to jump seven decades in the past to show you something spectacular. We haven’t featured many “young-timers“ born around the 1990s on #TBT, but today we are about to change that. The Breitling Spatiographe copy is a pretty unusual piece that is often easily overlooked. It has the typical strong Navitimer design DNA but comes with a bit of a twist.
Witty Breitling Spatiographe

Instead of a standard minute sub-dial, the steel case fake Breitling Spatiographe features a window under which you can see a slowly rotating minute disc. With only 10 minutes to show, it disrupts chronograph stereotypes. If you lower your sight slightly to the right, there is another surprise waiting. While a standard chronograph with 3 sub-dials holds this place for a 12 hours counter, look what’s there on the Spatiographe. A three hour counter that’s not divided into typical 30 minutes slots, but into 10-minute intervals. Brilliant.

Sad news
Writing a hands-on review on the early 2000s watch gave rise to an exciting idea. One that seems lunatic to go through with when it comes to 50 or 80-year-old watches. I thought about how amazing it would be to connect with the real product designers and watchmakers that were involved or better yet were the brains of the watch development. But it seems it’s just as impossible a quest as it is with pre-quartz crisis Breitling watches…
I’ve been on it since February, but I’m still fumbling in the dark. Even one of the most active Breitling community advisors and vintage aficionado @watchfred has very little information about it. I got in touch with Sylvain Bergeron, Breitling head of product design. Through a few other contacts, I reached Nicolas Chambron, Digital Project Manager & Heritage, who, like many of us, shares in the passion for vintage Breitling watches replica with Swiss movement. So far it seems all people involved in the project left and we have no names so far.
What we know about the Spatiographe
Despite limited knowledge, I decided to go public with what we know and what we collected from accessible sources. It reminds me of an exciting time years ago when RJ was exploring stories behind the Omega Speedmaster. If you have any other and deeper information or you know (or you are) people involved in the project, I would be delighted to find out more. We still don’t know the real motivation, inspiration, or reasoning behind the Spatiographe idea and its release. For the time being, you have to stay with our honest assumptions.
765 Co-Pilot reference
The first and most probable link is the early 1950s digital 765 Co-Pilot, also known as the “Lucy Digital“. In the place where you would usually see a date window, “Lucy” had a 15-minutes digital counter display for the pilot’s instrument approaches. The Breitling Spatiographe on the contrary features the digital counter on the left side. And it’s considerably bigger. There is hardly a better explanation than the one that the Spatiographe commemorates one of the most important chronographs in the history of Breitling. But why is it only 10 minutes and not 15? Why are there 3 hours only? I am afraid those are questions we won’t find answers to today.
Breitling Spatiographe clone has a special Dubois-Depraz chronograph module that’s integrated with the ETA2892-A2. Simply put, that was the time when the automatic caliber 36 was the closest representation to in-house movements. With my limited knowledge, I imagine that the ETA central second was connected through a special pinion with the Depraz module sitting right under the dial. That’s why you don‘t see it at all when you open the watch. If you press the pusher, the invisible and constantly running ETA second activates the Depraz chronograph wheel train.