Luxury Fake Breitling introduces Super Chronomat B01 44 to its Chronomat watch collection

Showcasing horological expertise in creating precision-made chronometer timepieces, fake Breitling adds Super Chronomat B01 44 to expand it Chronomat series. This supercharged watch features multiple complexities elevating the brands creative and technical elements without compromising integrity.

The 44 mm Breitling Super Chronomat B01 is inspired by the original 1980s Chronomat that was created by Breitling for the daring aerobatic squadrons. Available in stainless steel to 18k red gold, the new watch comes in black, blue and brown colorway to choose from.
The watch at a glance
For the first time on a Chronomat the brand has introduced several ceramic inserts on the bezel, chronograph pusher and the crown. With its case size of 44mm wide and 14.4mm thick, covered in anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the cheap replica watch offers a great wearing experience on the wrist.

The aaa quality clone Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 is powered by a COSC certified, Breitling’s caliber 01 self-winding movement, maintaining an approximate power reserve of 70 hours. The watch also features a date window at 6 o’clock and remains water-resistant up to 200 meters deep.

More to the elegance and functionality
The 1:1 Breitling Super Chronomat B01 comes attached to a couple of options in a sophisticated stainless steel Rouleaux bracelet made of 100 different components put together. And for a sporty feel, the brand also offers a rubber strap with unique new textured design to maintain the elegances and comfort.

The watch brings back the unique UTC Module (Coordinated Universal Time OR Zulu Time) embedded on the end-link of one of the Rouleaux bracelets right below 6 o’clock. This second watch has an independent crown, bezel and a Caliber 61 miniaturized quartz movement.

The feature dates back to clone Breitling’s creations from the 1980s and helps in tracking the second time zone. This one is priced at $8,500 and can be purchased through the brand’s website.

Ben — Review On Swiss Fake Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43

Back with another Breitling replica on my side, and I feel I need to make amends since the last time out with the Top Time Bow-Tie. That watch lost out to the Zenith A385. I also took my personal Frecce Tricolori into war against the Tudor Black Bay Chrono S&G and still came out second best. Now I have to dig deep to big up the quintessential Breitling in the catalog. Luckily, I feel I have the backing of many aviation enthusiasts for the Navitimer.

Those veterans of the sky may also recall using a slide rule as a calculation tool to track various measurements. It’s well-known and quite prominent that the bezel of the Navitimer features this same bi-directionally rotating slide rule scale. But I’m not here to bore you with all the multiplication, division, and conversion capabilities this allows. Instead, I want to divulge an aspect of having this rotatable element that is often overlooked.
Thirty-meter water resistance
There is a repeating knock against the Omega Speedmaster that it can only achieve a fifty-meter depth rating. Potentially, it’s the comparison to other competing chronographs with the same seminal status that reach greater depths that draws the ire. Whatever the reason may be, the Speedmaster only guarantees 50 meters, and to me, it’s never been of much concern. Now, the reason I bring up a rival classic chronograph from another brand is for good reason. The Swiss-made copy Breitling Navitimer can, theoretically, only withstand 30 meters of water resistance.

30 meters is still deeper than most venture, even on a particularly thrill-seeking dive-vacation. But to the eagle-eye spec-sheet warriors that dutifully compare the merits and demerits of each watch, this resistance is not enough. In my view, I find it incredible that high quality replica Breitling can prevent water ingress at all with the Navitimer. You see, unless you’ve gone hands-on with a Navitimer, there’s a quirk that is not obvious from photos. When you turn the bezel, you are not just turning the outer knurling; you are turning the whole crystal as well. It’s an engineering feat that the Navitimer bezel turns freely yet retains a tight enough seal to ensure water tightness to a degree. The Naked Watchmaker undertook a fascinating deconstruction where you can see the bezel’s components and how it forms a unit with the crystal.
Breitling does not give you wings
Some of you may notice that the Navitimer generation that I am repping is not the current one. In fact, the one I am taking onward into battle is the pre-2018 Navitimer. The obvious giveaway is the presence of wings on the dial of this particular Navitimer. For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But for some reason, luxury copy Breitling elected to replace the wing logo that represents air (wings), land (B logo), and sea (anchor symbol) with a simple “B” logo. I wish I knew the reason, but still, I cannot fathom the reason to opt for this less appropriate “B” logo for its most famous aviator’s watch.
I don’t have a problem with the “B” logo, not at all, and I think it pairs perfectly with some of the more vintage-inspired pieces like the new Premier range. But classic wings encapsulate all that the Navitimer represents. While the logo is not the same as the original AOPA wings, its structure indeed pays a respectful nod to pilots. And it’s not like the badge has completely gone away, as it can be seen on new references, including the Endurance Pro, and weirdly, the SuperOcean dive watch. It makes no sense to me, and I hope Breitling brings back the wings for future Navitimers.
The roguish charm of the Navitimer
What I sacrifice by selecting this older version, is that the 43mm case has a solid steel case-back. At the time, only the 46mm case had the exhibition window to view the B01 movement. Since 2018, both the 43mm and 46mm standard B01 Breitling Navitimers replica with steel cases now have the sapphire crystal on the back. This may lose me a few votes against Jorg’s IWC and its transparent case-back. But it’s a sacrifice that may pay dividends by having the gorgeous, embossed gold emblem on the dial. On the subject of the IWC that Jorg is peddling, I looked very closely at the watch but struggled to locate any unique identifiers. Honestly, slap any brand name on there, and it probably wouldn’t look out of place.
Ben: Ooh, burn! I liken the IWC Pilot’s Chronograph to a pilot simply carrying out a responsible transit in good order. Everything you would want from modern aviation. In contrast, the Navitimer retains the golden age of travel with glamour. I expect the Navitimer to find its way on the wrist of a roguish pilot still chartering cargo in illegal airspace with a flight jacket and charm in spades. To me, it’s down to the rugged design flourishes that illicit this image of a gruff, tough aviator. The Navitimer has even found its way on the wrist of exciting personalities such as Miles Davis and Graham Hill.

This Swiss Fake Breitling x Deus Ex Machina Collab Is Exactly as Cool as You’d Expect

From the moment they came on the scene with a series of beach ready custom motorcycles in 2006, we’ve been huge fans of the brand Deus Ex Machina. No matter what it is they have their hands in. Whether it’s bikes or surfboards or clothes or cafes, Deus imbues it with that almost obnoxious level of salt-in-your-sun-bleached-hair Australian cool that most of us will never manage to possess. So when we heard that they were partnering with perfect fake Breitling on a limited-edition version of one of our favorite chronographs of all time, we were stoked to see the final product. Suffice to say, it did not disappoint.

For those unfamiliar with copy Breitling’s legendary Top Time, it was introduced by the brand in 1964 and targeted directly at the burgeoning “hip” market of free-spirited young people. “We are sweeping into the youth and we are going to speak their language” announced industry icon Willy Breitling at the time. “Young people won’t buy the kind of watch Dad wears,” he posited while announcing the Top Time.

With its rugged yet understated case and symmetrical dual subdial chronograph layout, the Top Time did indeed appeal to the adventurous, nomadic young men of the ‘60s, and has remained one of Breitling’s most collectible pieces, with some examples fetching well into the six figures on the vintage market today.

The Breitling X Deus Ex Machina Top Time Deus Limited edition captures all of the vintage vibes of the original Top Time while adding Deus’ signature flair. The dial of the 41mm fake Breitling Top Time chronograph is in an off white, and the traditional subdials have been rendered in a black “squircle” shape that harkens back to an alternate case shape of the original Top Time line. The Deus logo appears above the 6 o’clock marker while their motto In Benzin Veritas “In Petrol There Is Truth” is etched into the surrounding tachymeter scale. Retro orange and red detailing on the dials and hands culminate in a lightning-bolt shaped second hand that carries more attitude than those found on the old Rolex Milgauss. The spirit of speed is captured in the perforated brown calfskin rallye strap, as well as the engraving of a motorcyclist in full racing tuck by aptly named Deus creative director Carby Tuckwell on the caseback.

“Our first contact with Deus Ex Machina was through Wheels & Waves, the motorcycle and surfing festival that takes place in Biarritz each year,” Breitling CEO Georges Kern tells InsideHook. “We’ve partnered with the festival since 2019, and when we got to know Deus, it was clear that our brands would also be natural partners based on our similar values and overlapping brand universes. It has been truly serendipitous in that we can engage at a product level but also share events and our ambassador squad. From both a heritage and design perspective, high quality copy Breitling’s tool watches are a perfect complement to Deus, their products and their philosophy.

Breitling has also signed on to be the official timekeeper of the Deus Swank Rally, an “epic motorcycle championship celebrating vintage bikes in diverse locations around the world, including Italy, France, Australia and Bali.” When asked if we would see further collaborations between the two brands, Kern said, “Deus, like Breitling, has a passionate global following, so we will be bringing those two communities together for events at Deus Temples around the world once Covid allows, and also at Wheels & Waves. The informal spirit of our brands is also very closely aligned. You will notice a Deus touch brought into our boutiques and retail spaces through photo exhibitions and racing memorabilia. In terms of products, you will have to wait and see…”

The brown leather strap fake Breitling Top Time Limited Edition numbers just 1,500 pieces, and is available now online and at select Breitling retailers at a listed price of $4,990.

Best Quality Fake Breitling Debuts Limited Edition Top Time Deus

Australian lifestyle brand Deus ex Machina has carved out a loyal global following since 2006, offering enthusiasts a laid-back hand-drawn aesthetic and a rose-tinted vintage attitude for everything from surfboards to motorcycles, fashion, classic Porsches, and even coffee. As its first major release of 2021, Breitling replica offers Deus ex Machina its first foray into the world of timepieces, translating the café racer-inspired Deus aesthetic into a playful and distinctive limited-edition model. The new limited-edition Breitling Top Time Deus A233101A1A1X1 fake with steel case shows off the versatility of the relatively new revived Top Time line, offering a relaxed and youthful feel rarely found in this market segment.

Breitling Top Time Deus Limited Edition_Ref. A233101A1A1X1

The stainless steel case of the 41 mm copy Breitling Top Time Deus follows the same pattern as previous Top Time releases, with an elemental design that feels true to the line’s ‘60s roots. Narrow tapering lugs, an even narrower polished bezel, and a simple cylindrical mid-case are a classic midcentury sports watch formula, while the tall piston pushers give the design a splash of personality.

The solid caseback features a unique etching of a motorcycle and rider based on a sketch by Deus ex Machina creative director Darby Tuckwell. The loose, scribbly, cartoonish look of the artwork, with its hand-scrawled “Bretiling + Deus” text, is a dramatic departure from the usual meticulous linear perfectionism of caseback engravings. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air and adds a relaxed feel rarely seen in luxury timepieces. That said, for a watch dedicated to a brand heavily associated with surfing, the 30-meter water resistance rating feels inadequate.

Like the caseback, the dial of the high quality Breitling Top Time Deus replica watch resonates with Deus ex Machina’s laid back and playful energy. While the simple rectangular applied indices and squared-off baton handset are carried over from previous models, nearly everything else is unique to this model. The panda dial colorway starts with a matte cream main dial surface for a warm, slightly vintage look in initial images. The outer tachymeter track is in contrasting black, helping to visually compact the watch on the wrist, and features orange and yellow highlights inspired by classic motorcycle gauges. Deus ex Machina’s slogan “In Benzin Veritas” (in gasoline, truth) is also emblazoned on the track here to drive home the partnership.

The subdials are changed to a soft squared-off circle style, adding a subtler distinctive touch, while the hands have been color-coded for functionality. While adding a warm ‘70s throwback quality to the design, the use of yellow for timekeeping hands and orange for chronograph functions also aids easy legibility at a glance. The lightning bolt shape of the central chronograph seconds hand also aids this warm vintage quality. As with the subdials, this jagged and cheeky touch is subtle enough to go unnoticed by a casual glance but invites repeat attention once recognized. The use of the printed Breitling script logo at 12 o’clock also aids the faux-vintage sheen of the design, while visually counterweighting the Deus shield emblem at 6 o’clock.

Breitling clone powers the Top Time Deus with the Valjoux 7753 based Caliber 23. COSC chronometer-certified for accuracy, the Caliber 23 offers a respectable 48-hour power reserve at a 28,800 bph beat rate. Breitling pairs the Top Time Deus with a nicely weathered calfskin rally strap in warm tobacco brown with a vibrant yellow contrast lining.
With a relaxed ethos rarely seen in luxury watchmaking, the limited-edition Breitling Top Time Deus copy with brown leather strap offers a unique and undeniably fun counterpoint to its direct competitors. Only 1,500 examples of the Breitling Top Time Deus will be made. The Breitling Top Time Deus is available now exclusively online and will become available through authorized dealers in late March 2021. MSRP for the Breitling Top Time Deus stands at $4,990.