Cheap Swiss Fake Breitling Watches For Sale, 140 Years

Breitling replica watches wholesale celebrates its 140th anniversary this year. How have you managed to adapt to the changes in the industry and remain faithful to your origins without betraying your DNA?

Since Leon Breitling founded the brand in 1884 in Switzerland, in the municipality of Saint-Imier, this has been a house that has been characterized by the functionality and resistance of its 1:1 US Breitling fake watches. From the beginning Breitling specialized in complications such as chronographs and chronometers, which were quickly adopted by many aviation pioneers for their extraordinary reliability. In fact, when the brand celebrated its first 100 years in 1984, it did so with the launch of the top replica Breitling Chronomat watches, which recalls the commitment to mechanical chronographs.

He is not the only icon in history

Of course. There are perfect Breitling copy watches like the Avenger and the Classic Avi, which seal the relationship between the manufacturer and the world of aviation; Navitimer, another mechanical chronograph; Top Time, which celebrates the irreverence of the youth of the 60s; Premier, one of the most elegant designs of the house; Superocean, which was the origin of high quality Breitling Superocean Heritage replica watches; and Professional. The Swiss made Breitling super clone watches were released at different times, but all of them marked a milestone in their time.

What plans does the brand have for the Mexican market in the near future?

Luxury Breitling replica watches is in the process of expansion in Mexico, a market in which it has many expectations and in which we have met a large group of lovers and collectors of the brand. We have strengthened our presence by opening new boutiques in strategic cities, such as Guadalajara (in February) or Monterrey (in March), and also with the opening at the end of May of the brand new Breitling flagship store in Mexico City, with which we plan to consolidate the beginning of this new stage and our leadership in the Mexican market.

What are the new boutiques like?

They are inclusive spaces where you can enjoy that new luxury that Breitling fake watches online site has been championing for years, a contemporary luxury that speaks a much closer and friendlier language in which we have been pioneers. The sellers will be friends who will advise the client according to the tastes of this new generation. I feel proud to direct in Mexico the future of a company that represents better than any other watchmaker the philosophy of this type of luxury that does not aim to make differences, but rather to build a more sustainable, better future together.

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