The watch adrenaline junkies jazeman jaafar & bella kuan tackle each other’s sport with the perfect fake Breitling Superocean

To mark the launch of the new 1:1 fake Breitling Superocean timepiece, Friends of Breitling replica for sale — Malaysian international racing driver, Jazeman Jaafar and Bella Kuan, fitness enthusiast and frontwoman of Handmade Heroes — step out of their comfort zones to take on each other’s favourite sport.

On a bright Wednesday morning, at the waterfront of Wakeboard Malaysia, The Mines, we are greeted by clear skies and the sun hanging flush above the horizon of a sparkling lake. It is the perfect weather for a swim — and tempting as it might be to take a dip, our high-spirited Friends of Swiss made fake Breitling, Jazeman Jaafar and Bella Kuan, are actually set to go for an early surf across the lake.

Donning a one-piece rash guard and board shorts respectively, all that’s missing from Bella and Jazeman’s water sport attire is the ultimate accessory, which is where the perfect fake Breitling Superocean comes in. With a nostalgic design that calls back to its very first ‘Superocean’ model, the Slow Motion, top copy Breitling’s brand-new Superocean Automatic goes beyond just the first dive — it’s fit for swimming, surfing and even land sports.

“It’s quite a bold watch, and very striking,” Bella remarks, once she’s fastened the folding clasp. She has on the cheap fake Breitling Superocean Automatic in orange with matching tangerine strap, and the 36mm is a snug fit on her wrist. (Jazeman opts for the Superocean Automatic 42mm in black, coupled with a rubber strap.) “I think it just somehow breaks the rules of what a classic super clone watch should be. What I mean by that is, it still has a ‘classic’ feel, but there’s a twist to it, which is really refreshing.”

When it was first announced back in 2019 that Jazeman Jaafar would become the first ‘Friend of AAA replica Breitling’, it seemed the most fitting choice. As a brand that often prides itself on its dynamic values — action, purpose, and pioneering spirit — high end fake Breitling’s partnership with Jazeman, who in that same year had earned his entry into the Malaysian Motorsports Hall of Fame, simply makes sense. “It’s my companion, or a personal good luck charm,” Jazeman says of his beloved Superocean Heritage, “in a way, it brings me confidence when I have it with me at the races.”

Embodying the spirit of the ‘purposeful pioneer’ that’s rooted in Swiss movement replica Breitling’s principles, Jazeman is the ultimate adrenaline junkie: always seeking the next course of action, hungry for an exciting adventure. He has several championships coming up, one of which is the World GT Challenge Asia with Triple Eight JMR where he will be competing alongside HH Crown Prince Tunku Abu Bakar Sultan Ibrahim. Even so, while he’s a natural on wheels, Jazeman is constantly driven to try out new sports beyond the comforts of the track.

Handmade Heroes, like its co-founder, is also an ocean-loving brand. Completely vegan and cruelty-free, the local brand takes care to keep an environmentally-conscious mind in every step of its production. All of its ingredients are ethically-sourced and dissolvable — which means they won’t trap themselves in the ocean or cause harm to the environment.

Against the rush of the water where Bella flexes her wakesurfing skills, the brightly-coloured dial of the cheap replica Breitling Superocean shimmers like a second sun. Combine that with its broad hands and indexes in luminescent Super-LumiNova®, and it becomes super easy to read even when you’re underwater. We can vouch for this, because as we toss a GoPro her way and she stretches forward to catch it, Bella can still tell us the time — of course, she can only really tell us once she’s coming up and propping herself back up on the board.

When it’s time for Jazeman to take the wheel (or in this case, the wakeboard), Bella only needs to guide him a little before he can quickly pick up the pace on his own. “Wakeboarding is so unpredictable because you don’t know where the waves are coming from; you don’t know where you’re being pulled towards,” Jazeman reflects, after they’re done with the session. “You have to always find a good balance. In that way, I can relate it to racing, where the grip varies from lap to lap.”

Once we adjourn to the Morac 1 Utama Go Kart Track, Jazeman is much more relaxed — a total contrast from when they were on the lake. This time Bella is riddled with nervousness, as she last recalls going kart racing over a decade ago. So, they take the two-seater. After a few practice laps, however, Bella gains her confidence and is able to manoeuvre the car on her own.

“It’s very different, and with racing, it has more to do with speed,” Bella muses. The orange dial of the best copy Breitling Superocean complements her karting helmet — while Jazeman, clad in his official race suit, is silhouetted in navy blue and white, a fine touch for his blue-and-silver Superocean Automatic. By this time, the skies have gotten rather gloomy, and even as the rain finally poured, our Friends of Swiss movement replica Breitling continued to dash through the track — it’s a good thing the Superocean Automatic is water-resistant up to 300m (or 1,000ft).

“Both sports have to do with speed, but I feel that with racing, it’s definitely a lot more technical,” Bella adds, “because you’re controlling a machine. When you’re wakesurfing, it relies more on your personal understanding of the body — like how you surf and cuff, and things like that. But despite the technicality, I understand why people enjoy it. It gives you quite the thrill.”

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