Brad Pitt Fights His Way Across Japan’s Railways Wearing A Platinum Perfect Replica Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-edition In ‘Bullet Train’

The cheap fake Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-edition, released in 2021, is a modern re-edition of a vintage Breitling from 1953 (shocker) and is a full stop vintage-meets-modern watch. Last year, we spent A Week on the Wrist with the steel variant of this super clone watch and our own Cole Pennington had some interesting things to say while comparing the new watch to the OG upon which it’s based. “If the ’53 model were NOS [new old stock] and hadn’t aged a single day, I would have had a seriously hard time telling them apart,” he writes. “Even the difference in weight between the high quality replica watches is indiscernible.”
Now, Pitt chose this watch to wear in the film, but he didn’t just choose any variation. He went full movie star and opted for the platinum model with the blue dial. Only Pitt can strap a platinum vintage re-edition to his wrist for a balls-to-the-wall action movie, and make it look commonplace. Speaking of straps, he even swapped the leather strap it comes on for something a bit more rugged from luxury replica Breitling.

I know what you’re all thinking, “Come on, Danny, Brad Pitt is a perfect copy Breitling ambassador! This is nothing more than product placement.” Well you’re right, Pitt is a Breitling brand ambassador. In fact, more specifically, he’s a member of the Swiss made fake Breitling Cinema Squad, alongside Adam Driver and Charlize Theron. But you know what? Who cares, because Pitt could have easily worn any old watch 1:1 replica Breitling wanted him to. Perhaps something more modern, perhaps something the brand had a serious interest in selling. But that’s not what went down here. Instead, he picked the most esoteric version of an uber-specific vintage re-edition and made it part of his character in the film. Just because he’s paid by the brand doesn’t mean the choice can’t be thoughtful.

And he wears this Swiss replica Breitling for the entire film. It’s visible constantly, though the amount of fighting makes it difficult to laser in on it in some moments. The best part is that the film features a hero-shot close-up of the top copy watch that might be the best I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s the sort of shot you could pause, frame, and hang on the wall if you were so inclined (though even I would find that a strange thing to do).

Personally, I love the choice of copy watch online for Ladybug. He plays a somewhat aloof character. A criminal who’s recently been through some soul searching and therapy, and is looking to improve his mental health while continuing to operate in the criminal underworld. Who knows if some big score in his past gave him a briefcase full of cash to go out and buy this platinum Swiss movement replica Breitling or if it’s supposed to represent a vintage watch that may have been passed down to him. In either case, it looks damn good. I mean, what can’t Brad Pitt pull off?

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